EV Charging rolls on

Back in 2008, when I wrote the business plan for a renewable-based electric car charging network, gasoline prices were edging towards $4./gallon and the economics looked good.  The financial world, however, was in collapse, and investors were not taking a lot of risks.

In today’s NY Times I read about a similar venture .  Clearly, this is not a path for the faint of heart.  The business model I was thinking of was fraught with assumptions and misunderstandings – chiefly about the complexity of delivering electricity in an urban environment.  Add to that the politics of renewable generation or transportation policy, and I really have to  admire Hevo Power for persevering.

In the meantime, I’ve learned a lot about how US electric power systems, infrastructure and utilities work.  Hmm… maybe Hevo Power needs an evangelist?

The Watts are Out There

Those who already have electrified wheels on the ground have found ways to locate and share access to power. Unfortunately, most of it come from non-
renewable fuels.
The Electric Automobile Association , which appears to be a delightfully spirited community, has chapters all over the US. The New England chapter even offers a map and directions to power outlets that welcome EVs. It’s a start – but not enough ignition to rev up consumer demand, I think.