On Leadership

Definitions abound, so here is mine:  leadership is the art of moving others to act.  A great leader knows how to listen, understands others’ needs and motivations, and learns to inspire and direct them to achieve great things.  Responsible leaders think about the impact of those actions.

Another thing about leaders:  they don’t go it alone.  They find talented people and form effective teams. In my work helping corporate and non-profit executives hone their messages and presentations, I always work with a team.  It may include members of my client’s organization or other outside professionals (like the great people at Preston Productions).  Or both.  Effective presentations are almost always the result of collaboration.

If you are trying to lead an organization, a new venture or initiative, or perhaps a non-profit or municipal community, let’s talk.  I’ve had experience in all those situations, and there are many commonalities.  You’ll benefit from my outside perspective and from the wide range of resources I can bring to any leadership challenge.