I began my career in multimedia production, and steered it (with some side trips) towards corporate communications and community outreach.  My broad range of interests helped me develop a practice in writing and consulting on diverse topics for educational, motivational and promotional endeavors.  Familiarity with a wide range of media and communications channels is another strength I bring to client engagements.

This journey began when I moved to Boston to work with ARP Instruments, the Boston School of Electronic Music, and Intermedia Systems Corporation.  Then I spent a year working with Electronic Music Systems Ltd. of London, documenting and promoting their pioneering digital videosynthesizer.  I returned to Boston to work for a joint venture of Intermedia (art & design) and General Scanning (electro-optical engineering) to help create first laser light show for the Boston Museum of Science Planetarium.

That project led to my entrepreneurial experience at Image Engineering Corporation, a ground-breaking laser projection firm.  For fifteen years as partner, President and Creative Director,  I participated in high-profile projects such as the 1984 L.A. Olympics, 1986 Liberty Weekend, and the 1988 Olympic Eve Festival in Seoul, Korea.  My animation work was featured in corporate events for IBM, General Motors and many others. I also did live performances with symphony orchestras, including ten seasons at Meadowbrook Music Festival in Michigan, and concerts with Boston Pops, Cincinnati Symphony and others.  Image Engineering developed installations for science museums, Las Vegas and Branson, MO theaters, Disney and Paramount theme parks, and other visitor attractions. In 1992 I was honored with the International Laser Display Association’s Career Achievement Award.

In 1994 I went through one of those wrenching transitions that many entrepreneurs experience.  I let go.  I can’t say it made me happy, but I learned a great deal and am happy with where I ended up.

In 1995 I joined Preston Productions as business development executive, and ultimately became VP of Sales and Marketing, helping to triple the company’s revenues by building account management teams and broadening its service offerings with a digital media studio expansion.  I produced marketing materials in print, video, email, online and live trade show formats.

Ten years later, I entered graduate school with a desire to process and supplement all I had learned about business thus far.  I chose the Simmons College School of Management, a top-rated institution for women business leaders where a philosophy of “principled leadership” informed the curriculum. I earned the MBA in 2007, and Simmons awarded me a fellowship to pursue a post-graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and research opportunities in renewable energy.

In due time – though later than I expected – I had the opportunity to join an energy efficiency firm on the West Coast, and help it integrate a Boston-based software start up, its first acquisition. That led to eight years writing proposals for cutting-edge energy and climate programs, ultimately as a Senior Manager/editor with the wonderful Energy Solutions.

Today I’m enjoying freedom from employment, but I’m still drawn to solving problems and engaging audiences by making complex technical solutions accessible and easier to comprehend.  I believe that “corporate social responsibility” need not be an oxymoron, but I don’t take it for granted.